About Wellspring
January 19, 2021

Introducing Wellspring

When we first started as Fit Kit Brands, we fulfilled our first order of 20 kits in the back of a shared-space warehouse. From those humble beginnings we've built a community of partnerships which has allowed for tremendous growth that has benefits our clients, brand partners, and everyone's employees!

In 2021 we made the decision to rebrand to meet the issues faced during these unprecedented times. Being more than just kits with amazing brands we found ourselves becoming the go-to source for thoughtful engagement focused on wellness for every team need.

Since that first day, we've completed orders ranging in size from 20 to 7,000+ for A-list Corporations, Universities, and Institutions around the globe. From Mental Health kits to Heart Healthy boxes to Holiday-themed packages, we've carefully curated a myriad of programs to fit the needs of our clients no matter the shape or the size.

We grew more than 4,000% in our first three months - you might ask: "How does something like that happen?"  Working with our clients, it became clear that we were tapping into and fulfilling a huge need. Our clients needed a tangible communication method for their newly scattered and remote workforces. As a hello, a thank-you, a messaging tactic, or a welcome token to a new office - our partnerships with clients show that there's a place for wellness in every part of the employee-company relationship. In a time of unprecedented and constant change in the modern workplace, we found a harmony in the shared core values of our brands and clients.

Our family of brands has also experienced tremendous growth in the last few months. From hiring additional employees, to experiencing their largest purchase orders - everyone is flourishing!

"We are beyond thrilled with our Wellspring partnership. It's so inspiring to work with a company that elevates sustainability and wellness and supports emerging brands like us. Being a part of their carefully curated kits allows us to introduce our artisan tea experience directly to their customers, all while helping grow our own customer base." ~ Susannah Lee, Owner of Thistle & Sprig Tea Co.

Under Wellspring, we're excited and committed to the continual evolution to meet the needs of our clients and to become a source of wellness from the first hand to the last, for every one of our products and programs.

Yours In Health,
Andrew O'Shea
Founder & CEO, Wellspring