Employee Wellness Programs

The world of wellness can be quite overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin. With an immense amount of healthy-sounding options, all the know-how, jargon, and fads - how can the curious worker safely wade these waters to forge their own health and wellness path?

Through Wellspring, you can now open the door to discovery, provide resources, and gift lifetime discounts to our stellar brands for your recipients to build a wellness journey that works for them.

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Employee Recognition isn't high enough on your to-do list.



in companies that have strategic employee recognition program- and no, we don't mean an employee of the month program.


feel increased salaries and financial rewards are ineffective in reducing turnover.


when companies spend at least 1% of their payroll budget on recognition.

3 steps to get started


Tell us what you need

Our team will connect with you to build a custom solutions program fit just for your company’s needs.


Refine the gift

We'll put together a custom kit with your company's branding, and up to 6 insert cards, and a unique landing page just for your recipients.


Stress-free logistics

Once everything is approved by you, we work out the hard stuff and get boxes delivered to each employee's doorstep.

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Program details

Wellspring is a Pre-approved and Certified Wellness Dollar Vendor with all major insurance carriers

Approved for ACH Wire Transfers

Wellness Kits range from $25-50 USD including residential shipping

Custom box and inserts with your logo, color scheme, and brand assets

Residential, bulk, and international shipping available

Average 10-day turnaround on projects from deal signed to boxes shipped

“Thank you for all your hard work and willingness to work with our client, we look forward to a mutually beneficial business relationship for years to come.”
Berta Havens
Associate Account Manager, Aetna
“Thank you for the box. I let Amanda do the honors and have the fun. She literally yelled with joy as she opened and sifted through it. She was like, oh my God this is the greatest!”
Gary Brendle
CPA, Mailchimp
"We have been very happy and impressed.. The presentation of the kit and products inside are fantastic and serve as great reminders of the importance to focus on mind, body, spirit."
Matt Mallory
CEO, Mallory Agency
“These are EXACTLY what I have been looking for all year, when the HR team is bringing in the innovation to marketing team that means I have to “up” our game!"
Cindy Syracuse
CMO University of St Augustine
“Oh wow! This is amazing...I think that this would be great to do for our staff.”
Tanya Shannon
Director of Talent Drew Charter School
“My coworkers and I received the kits today. They are beautiful and they are all in love. We were in a meeting and they could not stop raving!”
Charnelle Bacchus Powers
Aetna Wellness Program Coordinator
“I'm so excited that we are able to offer a little something to each member of the CARROLL family -don't forget to take care of you! Thanks for the partnership”
Melanie Brasher
VP of People Carroll Org

Your Messages

Engagement tactics simplified.

Your custom landing page, kit, and inserts will feature your messages, and promo codes for every brand featured, and useful feedback for you, so that the value offered in the kit never ends.

Your team hub

Fast & effective responses

Let Wellspring serve as a hub for your team to become surprised, delighted, and engaged. Get your branding on the kits as well as up to 6 custom insert cards.

We align with your goals

Fast & effective responses

Open enrollment? Team building? Each kit selection comes with access to a customer-unique landing page that reinforces your mission through messaging.

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Make your CFO smile

Do you have a company insurance plan that includes Wellness dollars with Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, Humana, or Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield?

You may be eligible to get your program for free under your insurance plan. Contact us today to see if you are eligible.

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